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     Debra (Debbi) J. Fields epitomizes the American dream. From America's cherished tradition of humble beginnings, she launched what has become one of the nation's most visible, successful dessert empires.

     She is one of the few innovators and entrepreneurs to see their name become a product brand symbol of quality that is known and revered worldwide. Few dream achievers (Ford, Edison, Bell among them) lived to enjoy such well-deserved acclaim.

     More than 25 years of entrepreneurial, operational and managerial experience, all of it earned in a company she built (literally) from scratch. Founder, baker, chief cookie lover and former Chairman, of Mrs. Fields Cookies, a $450 million company she founded in 1977. Mrs. Fields has since sold her company, which is a market leader among fresh-baked cookie stores.

     At the age of 20, Debbi was a young housewife with no business experience. Yet, she had a dream, a recipe, and a passion for sharing her chocolate chip cookies. She managed to do what most people considered impossible. She convinced a bank to finance a business concept which had never before been proven and which appeared on the surface to have little likelihood of success.

     Mrs. Fields wanted to open a chocolate chip cookie bakeshop and store. On August 16, 1977, Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chippery opened its doors to the public in Palo Alto, California. Twenty-plus years later, Debbi Fields' role had expanded from managing one shop to supervising operations, brand name management, public relations and product development of her company's 600+ company-owned and franchise stores in the United States and 10 foreign nations.

     Debbi Fields' personal values guide her role as a businesswoman. Her philosophy of excellence, stated in her motto of "Good Enough Never Is," is mirrored in a company that has earned a reputation for providing the best in product quality and superior customer service. She attributes her greatest success to her ability to relate to her customers and earn their lifelong loyalty.

     With expansion on the horizon in 1989, Mrs. Fields, Inc. was among the first companies to take advantage of dramatic computer technology advancements. Debbi Fields led her company into the computer age, streamlining operations and production schedules with a state-of-the-art computer system. Her program is used as a model for business efficiency at Harvard Business School. It remains an example of successful application of technology in business management.

     Debbi is the author of two cookbooks published by Time-Life. The first, 100 Recipes from the Kitchen of Debbi Fields has sold more than 1.8 million copies and was the first cookbook to top The New York Times bestseller list. The second, I Love Chocolate cookbook, published in 1994, has enjoyed tremendous success as well, posting sales of over half a million copies. She hosted Great American Desserts, a weekly program that aired nationally, on public television and is also the name of her third book, Debbi Fields Great American Desserts, published by Simon and Schuster.

     Debbi will be returning into the public's kitchens and living rooms as a Market Mentor on Lifetime's all-new competition series, Supermarket Superstar. Premiering Monday, July 22, at 10 ET/PT and hosted by Stacy Keibler, "Supermarket Superstar" gives undiscovered food entrepreneurs their chance to shine among the big brands in the highly competitive food industry. Almost anyone can cook a great meal, but this is the first food competition show that provides a platform for individuals that can change the way millions of Americans shop and eat.

     When Debbi isn't in the kitchen, she can be found spending time with her husband and five daughters: Jessica, Jenessa, Jennifer, Ashley and McKenzie.

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